Somaliland: President Silyano Meets with Top Officials from UK Based Charitable Organisation

In June 2016 Saif Ahmad, a long time supporter of WMLF met the president of Somaliland in his capacity as the CEO of Al-Khair Foundation. President Silyano was extended an invitation to this years annual conference in Malaysia and introduced to the world of WMLF. Read the full article here: http://www.somalilandpress.com/somalilandpresident-silanyo-meets-top-officials-uk-based-charity-organization-al-khair-foundation/  


Leadership Training 2015

Al Khair Foundation commissioned the World Muslim Leadership Forum (WMLF) to provide leadership training for ten delegates. This training took place in September 2015 and was tailored for politicians and private sector leaders of the highest calibre including four County Governors from Kenya. The training was delivered on behalf of The WMLF by Murabbi Consulting[…]


2014 WMLF in London

The World Muslim Leadership Forum (WMLF) hosted its third biennial conference on the 25th and 26th of September 2014 in London, exploring the global challenges facing the Ummah’s (Muslim Community) leadership in these difficult times. With Muslim leadership being needed in every aspect of life – the world is changing and Muslims are required to[…]


2012 Conference: ‘World Muslim Leaders: The Next Generation’

The WMLF conference in 2012 focused specifically on Muslim youth leadership. You can download a copy of the conference report here. The youth play an important role in today’s society as well as the future of our global community. The development, empower-ment and training of youth are tantamount to ensuring that there is greater prosperity[…]


2010 Inaugural Conference

ASLI, a Malaysian think-tank and the Faith Regen Foundation, a UK-based charity, jointly hosted the inaugural conference of the World Muslim Leadership Forum (WMLF) in October 2010. The WMLF conference was a resounding success and brought together Muslim leaders from across the globe and different sectors- including legal, economic, business, politi- cal and charitable. The[…]