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Building bridges of communication between Muslims and other peoples is not only very desirable but crucial. It is a responsibility that rests with us all.
The WMLF can be a powerful force for change

The World Muslim Leadership Forum (WMLF) was established in 2010 to focus on the importance of leadership in the Muslim world, and to build bridges of communication between the Muslim world and the West. ASLI, a Malaysian think-tank and the Faith Regen Foundation, a UK-based charity, jointly hosted the WMLF’s inaugural conference in October 2010. The WMLF conference was a resounding success and brought together Muslim leaders from across the globe and different sectors including legal, economic, business, political and charitable. The Forum hosted in Central London discussed issues relating to leadership, governance and synergies between Muslims and the West. A second WMLF conference, entitled ‘World Muslim Leaders: The Next Generation’ was held in Central London in 2012. This conference focused specifically on young Muslim leaders and provided them with a platform to articulate their thoughts and ideas on the future of the Muslim world in the context of democracy, governance and sustainable development.

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Dato’ Mohamed Iqbal

Dato’ Mohamed Iqbal has a PhD in Management from USA and is presently Group Executive Director of Farlim Group and Managing Director of Bandar Subang Sdn Bhd in Malaysia. He serves as Secretary-General of the…
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Tan Sri Dr. Michael O.K. Yeoh

Secretary General, Asia
Co-Founder & CEO of the Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute (ASLI), Malaysia’s leading independent Think Tank and foremost Conference Organiser that brings together senior government, business and thought leaders in…
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Secretary General, Europe
CEO of the Faith Regen Foundation. Dr Ahmad was awarded an OBE for her work promoting social justice. With a PhD in Environmental Law from the School of Oriental and African Studies at London University, Dr. Ahmad is the…

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